Mini Standalone / Standalone NVR

Mini Standalone NVR with Local Display and Dual Monitor Functions


Mini Enterprise NVR– with Dual Monitor Display

Best Performance for Recording and Local Display as Standalone NVR

M6 Series Rackmount Enterprise NVR

Prebuilt 64/ 96/ 128ch IP Camera Licenses with up to 24/ 16/ 12 HDDs

Robust and Industrial-suited Design for 24 Hour Permanent Operation


X6 Series Backup Server

Prebuilt 128ch IP Camera Licenses with up to 24/ 16 HDDs


128ch Full HD Real-time Recording
(Max. 384 Mbps)


X5 Series Failover Server

Redundant Design Ensures Data Security in VMS Platform


Ensures Constant Video Recording and Monitoring


Robust and Industry-suited Design with Dual LAN Ports, Redundant Power

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Key Feature

Enterprise & Multi-site Design for Large Scale Platform (300~5,000ch)

Supports Backup / Failover Servers and Fully Integration with 3-party

Centralized to Manage up to 5,000ch Cameras

Supports 40 Screen Video Wall and Synchronous

Display with D300

Seamless Video Display without any settings

Supports Multicast and Plug-n-play

GVD E300/D300
VMS Manager and Video Wall Decoder

GVD E300, a centralized and scalable platform, manages up to 5,000ch cameras that allows easy project scale-up through flexible add-ons GVD product components as Video Wall Decoders, NVRs, Mobile NVRs, Backup Servers, Failover Servers, Directory Servers, LPR Servers, and Integration Gateways. GVD E300 is reliable and suitable for large scale project, including governments, homeland security, city surveillance, airports, seaports, mining, offices, factories, campuses, hotels, banks, etc..



E150 CMS Manager

GVD E150, a centralized platform, manages up to 300ch cameras and displays 72ch real-time video on dual monitor. It supports 16ch synchronous playback, multicast, video wall, tour, ROI, VMD, IVA, e-map, event, alarm, notification, digital watermark video export functions which allow user to easily manage and control surveillance system. GVD E150 is reliable and suitable for large scale project, including government buildings, offices, factories, campuses, hotels, banks, retail chain stores, shopping malls, etc..

Key Feature

Centralized Video Management and NVRs Configuration
Enterprise & Multi-site Design for Middle Scale Platform (64~300ch)
Centralized to Manage up to 300ch Cameras and 15 NVRs
72 ch Real-time Display on Dual Monitors
Centralized Video Wall Solution
Alarm Notification by Pop-up, E-mail, DI/DO, Trigger Recording

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C5001 Integration Gateway

Project-based integration platform enhances multiple subsystems in one large system, including Central Configuration Management Director Server, Video Analysis, Access control and License Plate Recognition integration



Outstanding Performance in CMS Platform

GVD M4006-LPR, super-standalone NVR, has equipped outstanding LPR
performance to recognize upto 16 lanes with 8ch full HD cameras and
to record millions of snapshots. It’s also functioning as a NVR with 6 x
HDD server, simple, reliable and flexible to scale up projects in CMS
Platform (upto 300ch) for easy and simple central management, perfectly
for residential complex parking, cooperate buildings, or school campus etc..

16 Lane Detection with 8ch Full HD Cameras

Featuring Millions of Snapshots for LPR Applications

Recognizes and Manages Vehicles with Predefined Lists

Quick Searches by Predefined Lists, Regions, Camera Locations, a batch of License Plate Numbers

Synchronizes Notifications in E150

Supports 150 countries of License Plate

M1 In-Vehicle Mobile NVR - Fanless NVR

GVD M1 Series, In-vehicle mobile NVRs, are turnkey products

with embedded Windows 7, built-in 3G/Wi-Fi/GPS/G Sensor, and approved

e13 mark certification, there’re suitable for transpiration solutions, especial

with large scale projects (100~200 Mobile NVRs), including buses, school

buses, vehicles, etc.. It only takes 5~30 minutes to backup video with VMS

Platform (video length of 24~144 minutes and 2MP@25fps with 4.8Mb).

Prebuilt 4/ 6/ 8ch IP Camera Licenses with PoE Ports

Featuring Anti-vibration and Built-in 3G/WiFi/GPS

8ch Full HD Real-time Recording (Max. 32Mb)

Supports 2TB (2.5”) Disk Drive and 516GB (2.5”) SSD

Ruggedness Fanless Design with Corrugated Aluminum

On-board HardwareWatchdog

POS Solution - Retail

Fast Generic POS Integration with Different POS Machines

GVD NVR enables connection up to 8pcs POS/48ch IP camera via

GVD POS Box (RS232/RS485/RS422)

Ideal POS solution for retail store, supermarket, hotel, gas station,

shopping mall and restaurant

Synchronizes POS transaction data display for live video and playback

Supports POS transaction alert, event detection/quick Search and
transaction data (transaction record/video clip/snapshot) export