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Mobile and Transportation

Mobile and transportation are harsh and mission-critical applications. Standard designs are fanless, easy-to-maintain and durable in extended temperatures to withstand intensive travels and rugged conditions.

GVD is staying true to its commitment to transportation

Transportation is the market GVD closely attends and has been committed right from the beginning of the business. Today GVD is revealing a brand new Mobile & Fanless series to round out its widely successful product family.
GVD has selected quality hardware components and thrown in rich data connections and PoE ports to bring you the mobile NVRs that cover a wider variety of mission-critical applications on the go.


LPR & Mobile Solutions

LPR, Vehicle Classification

Object Detection based on Deep-Learning AI

GVD License Plate Recognition

By leveraging the latest AI technologies: YOLO modeling, CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), Deep-Learning, etc, GVD License Plate Recognition is one of the best in LPR and vehicle classification in term of the accuracy of LPR, object tracking, or vehicle classification, even in a defective angle of the camera.

GVD LPR features the exclusive "Virtual Channels" and "Floating Channels" to maximize your investment in AI. These channels can save the available AI resources to other cameras that need video analytics from AI.

GVD also implements an "AI-Polarizer" in its LPR functions. For example, GVD VMS Manager can quickly spot a specific license plate among a huge source of indexed video footages, so the police or your security team can easily know where and when the suspected vehicle showed up, even if the case deals with an overly crowded intersection during rush hours.

To the GVD AI lineups, GVD loads its AI Thinker with an nVIDIA GPU to boost H264/H265 video decoding and video analytics to save time on a large amount of video search.

The after service for GVD LPR is an AI reinforcement program called "PASIA™", meaning "Per-Scenarios-Self-Improved AI", an extended AI training designed for Deep-Learning in a much complex environment or for much complex applications. PASIA™ is a highly customized service, in that, after the sale, GVD's AI engineers will help customers to annotate the video images collected by the AI server GVD sold to form a useful dataset for Deep-Learning. Then, a highly reliable, accurate, and fast neural network isn't hard to come by.


Mobile NVRs

Exactly as the name suggests, GVD Mobile NVRs are able to work while traveling on the road. They come with the license for 4 camera channels, PoE LAN ports, rich data connections (some of them on option), ignition power management, and isolated DIO. PoE LAN ports facilitate the in-car installation of cameras while rich data connections reinforce the NVR's contact with the business headquarters or control center. Ignition power management monitors car battery usage and prevents NVR startup failure. These NVRs are also equipped with isolated DIO to let you add in-car devices without much trouble. With a GPS receiver opted for, you can pinpoint the vehicle hundreds of miles away on a map in a real-time way. And, with a G-sensor loaded (also on option), the Mobile NVR can instantly launch alerts once serious vibration or car crash happens. Close and seamless collaboration between an NVR and the control center is so easy to get.

Each of the Mobile NVR models meets the standards of E-Mark and EN50155/EN50121-3-2 and passes the 5 Grms vibration and 50 Grms shock tests of IEC60068-2-64 / IEC60068-2-27.

GVD Mobile NVRs spread the protection beyond the traditional business floors, and therefore they can be very helpful for some itinerant activities such as a bank CIT car’s bank pickup or the fleet management needed by transportation business.

AI Deep Learning

GVD AI Engine

Since its emergence in the 1960s, Deep Learning, as a part of Machine Learning, had been widely used in a variety of advanced systems, such as automated speech translation, automated driving, and medical research, and has produced excellent results. Then, since 2010, hardware advances have also led to more efficient methods for training deep neural networks and therefore launched the Deep Learning boom as we see today.

Unlike Machine Learning, Deep Learning has the advantages of using unstructured data to get effective training and excellent performance, which means no need for feature engineering, data labeling, and unnecessary costs.

GVD's Deep Learning uses NVIDIA's high-performance GPU to greatly speed up video image processing and significantly shorten the time of running algorithms.


PASIA™ means "Per-Scenarios-Self-Improved AI". It is an extended AI training designed for the Deep Learning in much complex environment or for much complex application.

PASIA™ is a highly customized service, in that, some time after sale, GVD's AI engineers will help customers to annotate the video images collected by the GVD AI server sold to form a useful dataset for Deep Learning. Then, a highly reliable, accurate, and fast neural network isn't hard to come by.

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