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VMS 4.0

VMS 4.0 is an open protocol video management platform inheriting GVD 3.0 Products which had won the trust from thousands of the customers worldwide.

By supporting ONVIF, Modbus, CAP, TCP and compatible with hundreds of third party systems, that make VMS 4.0 becoming one of the most popular VMS on the market.

New Architecture
VMS-driven solution for hybrid storage with AI applications

By a new architecture allowed by GVD new products, GVD VMS 4.0 is highly flexible to expand, whether with more cameras (up to 100,000) or more applications from the 3rd parties.

The new architecture allows mixed storage in the existing NVRs, IP-SAN, camera SD cards, and private/public clouds, especially for a large-scale project, such as enterprise or government.

Another highlight of the new architecture is the support for diverse networking media, including the traditional Ethernet, optical fiber, or 4G/5G, to allow a new network for HD IP cameras.

The new architecture also lets you deploy AI applications gradually in the VMS, per budget or schedule. It doesn't matter where you deploy the AI, whether with edge devices or with the share-based servers. The flexibility of the new architecture will support a large number of HD IP cameras.


iGlance Dashboard: State statistics & average statistics


AI based LPR in nighttime on busy Taipei Street

GVD Ai Vehicle Classification


GVD CaseBuilder

VMS 4.0 Suite

√    Max: 100,000 IP cameras support
√    Elasticsearch for system scalability, availability, data visualization
√    Hybrid storage in NVRs, IP-SAN, camera SD cards, and clouds
√    AI video computing in both central cloud and edge devices
√    iGlance Dashboard for a quick overview of system big data

VMS 4.0 Key Function


"Synchronous Videowall Control" means your operations at the system center will promptly apply to a remote videowall. Supported content and operations on videowalls include Alarm list, video live-view, video playback, PTZ, and fish-eye video dewarp. Also, the UI makes you aware of a videowall's actual location on-site.

VMS 4.0 Suites



Software Modules & Functions


VMS vs

NVR vs


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